Monday, 30 September 2013

My response to the Director :

Dear Mr *********
I trust you read the attachment I sent with my email.
This outlines the unfortunate situation I am in with regards my living arrangements. I believe that anyone would see that I am being treated unfairly, and immorally (and some would say illegally), by the LBRuT in this matter - despite what they say to the contrary.
I am not responsible for the situation I am in. LBRuT wish to sell the land that they held back from St Mary's Church when they handed over the Oldfield site under the terms of the Free School agreement. My house sits on that land, therefore in their eyes I must vacate, and find alternate accommodation at my own expense, and with little or not help from those that should be providing it. What better argument do have to fight this injustice ?
I would be more than happy to meet with you, and to discuss this further, in the hope that you could assist me in some way.
I will NOT be bullied out of my home by what seems to have become a faceless, bureaucratic organisation, with scant regard for the 'small man', just for the sake of making a penny or two.
I have been a faithful servant of Richmond for 18 years, and deserve some respect at the very least.
Simon Purdue
It would be nice if he at least paid me some respect by responding. I'll let you all know in due course.

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  1. I'm probably teaching you to suck eggs, but have you made sure all your emails have read reciept enabled? That way you'll know that your emails have been read, even if they haven't been replied to.